BJJ Belt Promotion/Grading Survey 2012


mage used with permission from  Scott Wallace

mage used with permission from Scott Wallace

Belt Promotions/Gradings are a part of every BJJ school and what they involve (or should involve ) often becomes a topic of heated debate across on-line forums. However, there is very little clear information  surrounding things like; just how common are belt whipping gauntlets and how painful are they typically? Do people roll during gradings and if so how many training partners do people roll with in an average grading? Do different teams have standardised grading procedures or does it vary club-by-club and teacher-by-teacher? Questions like these and many more are what the BJJ Belt Promotion/Grading Survey 2012 seeks to provide definitive answers to.


The survey has been designed by researchers at Oxford University and the data collected will also contribute to a large international academic project focused on exploring rituals across a variety of cultures and settings. Martial arts and combat sport's communities represent some of the most strongly bonded groups in modern societies and yet they are typically ignored by academic research.

It is my hope that this survey can simultaneously provide a host of interesting information and statistics to the worldwide BJJ community and also introduce world class researchers to the benefits that can be gained from working with martial arts communities. 

This blog will also be kept as an ongoing site for those who want to run other surveys focused on the BJJ community and if you would like your survey to be promoted please go to the contact page and drop me an email and I'll be happy to help!

Thanks for reading and I hope you will take 20-25 mins to complete the survey!