Who set up this site and why?



My comment below now seems hopelessly naïve; my research, moving and new family commitments completely eclipsed my ability to keep up with my planned updates on the site about the survey. Now, although the data is a few years out of date, I intend to return to my original plan but with a less unrealistic timeframe, so expect some new posts coming over the next few months. I've had a lot of contact in the preceding years from people interested in helping out to get more up to date and representative data and I'm also hoping that  I'll have some more time to launch a new survey before the end of 2015. Expect any updates on that to appear here and thanks for everyone's patience.


Unfortunately, analysis has taken quite a bit longer than originally anticipated as I've been a little busy with my DPhil research, a new baby and temporarily relocating to Japan. However, the survey was successful and ended up collecting 727 responses and from now I'll be posting short weekly updates about some of the interesting findings. Sorry it took so long and thanks everyone for your participation!

The short answer to the above questions are that Chris Kavanagh (that guy above/me) set up the site and I set it up in order to give my BJJ Belt Promotion/Grading Survey 2012 a home. After results have been collected and analysed from that survey, the site will also serve as a space where any interesting results can be shared freely with the wider BJJ community. I have hopes that the site may grow beyond that into a space that researchers, or interested folk training in BJJ, can use to host/promote their own surveys, but time will tell how optimistic that is. 

For a bit about my background, I've been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for around 4 years and am presently a (lowly) blue belt with three stripes. I served as the president of the SOAS University club in London for 3 years, training under Luiz Tosta, but I've recently moved to Oxford for my studies/work and unfortunately currently find myself spending much more time in the library than on the mats.  This is due to the fact that I'm also a DPhil graduate student at Oxford University working as a Cognitive Anthropologist as part of a large international project which is exploring 'Ritual, community and conflict'.

If you want to contact me about my research or stetting up your own survey please go to the contact page.